Isaac Newton’s Tree

One weekend (last year), the Beanster and I ended up having a spontaneous adventure. After her Stagecoach class we headed into town to have a Scotch Egg (me, although they are now a firm Beanie favourite as well), coffee (also me) and a Sausage Roll (Beanie) at the Pint Shop. At the time they had also been serving a Black Pudding Scotch Egg, but I was denied such deliciousness on this particular visit!

Everyone there has always been very welcoming and having only experienced the place during the evening up until that point, it was reassuring to see how child friendly they are as well. Beanie and I were there for about an hour just chilling out and not long after we had settled down another family arrived with a baby who was chatting away quite happily while their parents had some snacks.

Whilst happily absorbing my first caffeine hit of the day, I remembered that Beanie was learning about Isaac Newton at school that term. One of her writing based homework’s was to explore Cambridge and find a link with him. Some neglected neurons fired off in my brain and handed me a memo that suggested there might potentially be something about Mr Newton and a tree, but they could not be held accountable for the accuracy of said memo. Fortunately Google was much more reliable and informed me that there was indeed such a tree outside of Trinity College which wasn’t too far from where we were sat at that moment! Neurons and I were in agreement that a plan had been formed!

Beanie and I waved goodbye to the Bar Staff and set off towards Trinity College via the Quantum Clock. Here we had a stroke of luck; as we were looking at the clock a couple arrived with a Walking Guide. He started telling them all about the clock with Beanie and I in earshot enabling us to learn a few interesting things:

  • The shape of the clock is inspired by the ripples created in a pond when a stone is dropped into it.
  • The animal on the top (which I had always thought was some sort of rabid Cricket) is actually a medieval monster called a Chronophage that pulls time along throughout the year.
  • The clock is completely accurate every 5 seconds (although I could be misremembering that) and is constantly adjusting itself.

As it was a lovely day we then ended up wandering along Kings Parade indulging in some window shopping; which is how we then ended up popping into Primavera Art Gallery to look at glass Dragons and Phoenixes. A little more exploration led us to finding Unseen Academy’s Librarian hiding out on one of the upper floors!

This how we also ended up in the Fudge Kitchen and buying a 100g bar of Salted Dark Chocolate Fudge, an extremely delicious spontaneous purchase!

In this lovely, bimbling, pressure free manner we wandered towards Trinity College and arrived at the Apple Tree. Now I had believed that this was the tree, but Beanie informed me it had been grown from a cutting of the original tree (guess who’s lucky enough to have a Gran that leads walking tours around Cambridge). The Beanster endured the obligatory photos with some good grace and we then headed towards Boots to get them printed off. I can neither confirm nor deny that some fortifying munches of fudge were had at this point.

It seems like the world and their mother were at Boots that day getting their pictures printed off! Beanie was extremely patient waiting for a machine and was rewarded with a flying visit to Forbidden Planet on our way back to the car. Upon our return home we promptly wrote up her Apple Tree trip before then collapsing in front of Netflix.

What that day taught me is that our adventures don’t have to be all planned out. We spontaneously managed to fill an entire day by just allowing things to happen. I am a bit of a control freak (I even have a t-shirt specifically for days when I need to just let go) and the main barrier for our adventures is me feeling like I have to plan every last detail so it is picture perfect. I feel by just taking everything as it came Beanie and I had a lot more fun than if I was attached to a specific plan.

(Truer words were never spoken)


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